Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Comic Book Review#182: Avengers Double Feature!

Allright, boys and girls and boys/girls! This time we start the International Week with a lesson in american patriotism...NOT!
I just bought myself some old Avengers Comics(well, okay Avengers#4 is actually a reprint) and thought that I might review them in a double feature. So why the fuck not? Let's start!

1. Avengers#4(1963) 

The history evolves around the first appearance of Captain America after the WWII. The Avengers find him, frozen in ice, under a polar cap in the north pole while traveling in their submarine. After Cap finally wakes up and recovers, he befriends the Avengers(which consist of Hank "Ant Man/Giant Man" Pym, Iron Man, the Wasp and Thor). But soon after they reach New York, they get stoned(huh huh). Someone, disguised as a photo reporter changes them into statues. Captain America first thinks that his new friends disappeared and that the city put up some statues to honour them(oh, hell no). But soon he realizes that he must find the person who turned them into stone, and why he/she did it.

For me, it's always kinda weird too read such old comics. The action is cheesy, every panel is narrated(I mean every. fucking. panel), the dialogues seem goofy. But it's still fun. It's always cool if you have the possibility of comparing old to new comics. Even if the backgrounds look awkward(usually they are white or green, as if the characters were floating in a big nothing) and laser rays look like cute little rainbows, the superheroes look awesome. Classic Kirby style. The story is written by Stan Lee himself. And it's really off the hook and a typical heroes vs. villains battle. And goddamit, Cap America joins the Avengers here. Like, for the first time. It's history, dude!

I enjoyed it.

9/10 deposit bottles

2. West Coast Avengers#38(1988)

Holy fuck, seriously?

The whole comic is a flashback of the Teammember Wonder Man. He reminisces that one time when the West Coast Avengers team(consisting of Hawkeye, Wonder Man, Mantis, Iron Man and Vision...and sometimes even Moon Knight) fought that one dude who was wearing cheesy 80ies Cock Rock Motley Crue kind of clothes. Oh yeah, and he was sucking Teenagers into another dimensions so he can consume their energy. Oh and he IS actually a rockstar who poses in leather outfits...

GNYAH, goddamit! That was so stupid, that I actually might have lost some brain cells. But it's truly fun. Not in a good way though. In comparison to Avengers#4, it's also cheesy and goofy but I don't mean it well. It's really bad.

Story by D.G. Chichester and Margaret Clark, Art by Tom Morgan and Dave Hunt

4/10 deposit bottles

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