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Movie of the week#182: BATMARATHON!, part IV

Some long time ago, I decided to review every single fucking movie/series about Batman or involving Batman. It is quite impossible though. Even if I reviewed all Batman movies (beginnig with the black and white serials and the '66 Batman and ending with "The Dark Knight Rises") and all the Batman animated series (reviews of them can be read in german in the section "My favorite TV-Show) aaaand all the animated movies so far I didn't review them all. Because there are still all the Lego Batman movies, all the Super Friends animated series which I didn't bother to watch cause the first episode made my brain hurt. Oh yeah and there are some Justice League series and movies, which I just don't bother to review. It's just too much. But, finally I decided to review all the animated movies which came out after "The Dark Knight Rises". And since every year at least one animated Batman movie comes out the BATMARATHON! will never end.


Jingle bells, Batman smells! Let's start! (Also I suppose that you will find all the movies by yourself, that's why there are no links to movie streams)

The Dark Knight Returns, Parts 1 and 2 (2012/2013)

This one here has nothing to do with "The Dark Knight" or "The Dark Knight Rises". It is an adaptation of a comic series by Frank Miller (in his "Not gone insane. Yet"-phase) which is set in a "nearby" future. Bruce Wayne is 55 years old, retired and hasn't been patroling the streets of Gotham City as Batman since ten years. Instead of crime fighting he is taking part in races in his spare time. Meanwhile, Gotham is experiencing a rise of organized criminality. Even when criminal masterminds such as Joker and Two-Face are locked up, there is still the brutal gang of "Mutants" - a huge, massive gang of leatherjacket- and mohawk- wearing cyberpunks. Or something like that. That's why Wayne decides to return and bring back the justice. Unfortunately he raises attention of the Joker and the U.S. Government which is awkwardly unhappy about his come back. An orgy of violence begins.

One of the nastiest, cruelest, darkest Batman-movies (and comics) ever made. Actually, the design of the Dark Knight - a big, muscled brute - is my favorite version of Batman. Oh yeah and the bat-logo, too. Also it was the first time that Batman had a female version of Robin as his sidekick. Carrie Kelly is clearly one of the coolest incarnations of Robin - before Frank Miller turned her into "Catgirl" in "The Dark Knight strikes again", but that was much much later in the "Totally gone insane. Cuckoo!"-phase of Frank Miller. I like the movie not only because of its brutality and grim atmosphere but also because it celebrates one of the milestones in the
history of the Caped Crusader. Frank Miller created a grim, rude, ruthless Batman which stood in contrast to the oh-so-friendly Bats who hopped into the Batmobile with Robin to get to kick some villain ass. This comic changed much. That's why I'm so happy that a movie version exists. I could tell even more about it, but I leave it to you. Take a look at the movie or the comic. I don't care. Just do it.

9/10 deposit bottles

Son of Batman (2014)

Based on the storyline "Batman and Son". Yes, Bruce Wayne has a son. The daughter of the immortal terrorist Ra's Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul drugged and raped Bruce Wayne so he became a sperm donor. Jesus, that's awful. Anyway, she gave birth to Damian who grew up in and was trained by the organization League of Assassins. He is a snobbish child who has incredible skills. Well, duh he was trained to become an assassin. One day, the fortress of Ra's Al Ghul is being attacked by Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke and his minions. Ra's gets killed and Talya decides to introduce Bruce to his son.  Since this moment, Damian lives in safety under his fathers batwings. But he doesn't plan to keep calm. The young assassin wants to avenge his
grandfather and kill Deathstroke.

After his long phase of arrogant behavior, Damian became a quite enjoyable character. That's why I was really sad when DC killed him off in the comics. But as we all know this lies also in the past and Damian already has risen from the dead. Anyway, this story here is quite enjoyable but apart from Damians origin story (which really sickens me) it has nothing special to offer. Just a good movie, in my eyes.

8/10 deposite bottles

Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014)

Amanda Waller, the director of the secret government organisation ARGUS is pretty mad. Batman just saved Riddler out of an black ops assassination and brings him back to Arkham Asylum. The green tux wearing villain (this time not so psycho like Frank Gorshin or Jim Carrey) has stolen valuable informations - that's why Waller wanted him killed. Now, that he is imprisoned again she puts together a group of supervillains to do the dirty job. The "Suicide Squad" consists of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Black Spider, Killer Frost, Tiger Shark aaand a russian brute called KGBeast (rofl). Their task is: Get to Arkham, bring back the thumbdrive with informations which was stolen by Riddler, get out of Arkham. If anyone tries to mess around, an explosive in the neck will blow his/hers brains out. Therefore the name "Suicide Squad". What has Batman got to with it? Well, he investigates, as always.

I think the movie could be really awful if rather classic Batman-villains were involved in the Suicide Squad. Fortunately this mixture makes the team kind of interesting and funny. "Assault on Arkham" is based on all those "Batman: Arkham"-Games like "Arkham City" or "Arkham Origins", that's why there is more action than dialogue. But, it kinda works. It isn't the best Batman movie - well actually I think it isn't a Batman movie at all - but the mixture of foul language, sex and violence makes it quite enjoyable. Wouldn't watch it a second time, though. I got shit to do.

7/10 deposit bottles

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