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Album of the week, episode 184: Peeping Tom - s/t (2006)

Allright, so most of you should know Mike Patton already. He was the lead singer of Faith No More (to read the german review of "King For A Day..." click here) and after FNM disbanded he was involved in a fuckton of musical projects. Countless of guest appearances in various musical styles - with bands and artists like Sepultura or Björk. Some of his projects include the name Tom in their names. Just take a look at it by yourself: FanTOMas, TOMahawk....well maybe even faiTh nO More... or Peeping TOM, which was called after a thriller movie from 1959.

Instead of chilling horror themes or alternative metal, like in Fantomas "Peeping Tom" contains music which is really close to mainstream. Mike Patton himself said that if he did listen to radio, that's how he wanted it to sound like. In fact "Peeping Tom" is a somewhat perverted, screwed up, pattonesque version of radio music. On one side it has its pop moments which are led by Pattons angel-like voice, on the other hand it is br00tal, electrifying and driven by Pattons another, spooky, whispering creepy voice. These two opposite sides strangely combine with each other and the album becomes an awkwardly awesome bastard of wub-wub (before dubstep became popular), loops, beats, human beatbox (made by beatbox artist Rahzel) and some guitars here and there. Also there are many guest artists. Some of whom Patton didn't even meet in person. He just exchanged sound files via e-mail.

At the first time it was way too much for me. It was like a flooding of informations which I just couldn't digest. But meanwhile it developed into one of my favorite albums ever. Honestly. I even have some songs stuck in my head. Or rather single verses like "we sippin on martiiniiiis and driving lamborghiniiiis, something something spotting on bikiniiiiis, apocalypse is near so why won't you tell me how you feeeeliiiin?" or "I know that assholes grow on tress but I'm here to trim the leaves and I'm afraid that you're still my frieeeeend". Or countless other ones.

Favorite songs you should really check out: Mojo (ft. Rahzel), Don't even trip (ft. Amon Tobin), Getaway (ft. Kool Keith), Kill the Dj (ft. Massive Attack) and Sucker (ft. Norah Jones)

9/10 deposite bottles
you can find the whole album somewhere on the internet, i think :D or maybe you just click here
here's the "Mojo" music video:

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