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Happenings of the Month: July'17, Part 2 (of 2)

And off we go...

Friday, 21st of July: From Würzburg to Rokycany - FLUFF FEST 2017

So it was THIS time of the year again. Seeing a bunch of friends from all over Germany, eating delicious vegan food and having diarhea in the morning and of course moshing to awesome bands and complaining about back aches afterwards.

Started at circa 1300 hours in Würzburg. The car was packed with stuff for seven people, even if we were only four. But anyhow I managed to not get all achy and shit. At first, we arrived at the rented apartment in Plsen, which was luxurious. I'm already looking forward to next year.

But now, the important things:


Awesome burgers as always. Tasty wraps. The potato mush was good, the "meat loaf" not so good. The Kebab wrap was salty as fuck, but nevermind I ate it anyways, even if I was risking a heart attack. I was too late for the crépes :/


Same shit as usual. I spoked only a couple of words with some of you, others spent half an evening with me. Talking is really important to me. I love talk shit, talk politics, gossip. It was really relaxing to me. Sadly I didn't have THAT much fun at the aftershow party - c'mon two nights in a row the same kind of music? - because of absolutely no sleep, being up all day and shit. Even if I met a lot of people, from some point on my social anxiety came up and I started feeling bad, in a wrong place and like kind of a nuisance.



Awkay, so I as far as I can remember I didn't get to see much bands on this evening. DOOM played the main stage and were pretty good for a bunch of old men. Nice of them to quote NWA with "Fuck the police, coming straight from the underground!" before playing "Police Bastard". Awesome. I didn't listen to "City of Caterpillar" but, therefore I didn't know what to expect but it was lit. A nice mixture of loud/heavy and calm noises. Oh, and Eastwood on the "All Go No Slow"-Stage were pretty hot and of course Pretty Hurts!


Too slow to see The Gentle Art Of Chokin', they were too fast for me. Finisterre were kinda cool, even if I do not agree with everything they said in favor of the G20-Riots - but hey, to each his own. SVFFER were awesome. They would be even more awesome if they would play on the tent stage, but well yeah... they did a good job despite the sound. Honestly I hate the main stage. But nevertheless, they were very fucking heavy and I felt the ground vibrating! Next stop: NIC. This band from the Czech Republic plays (in my ears at least) a form of Black Metal. Actually, they do not have a name. "nic" literally means "nothing" and mostly their band name is blacked out. Anyways I couldn't stay there for long. Wasn't in the mood. So that's why I went over to the main stage and was positively surprised by the mood of Accidente. Afterwards: Vitamin X. Party as usual. Circle pit. Out of breath. Fucked up. Catched a stage diver and accidently squeezed his testicle a little. Jesus fuck. Back to the tent stage where three crusties started to play: "Hi, we're Appalachian Terror Unit - the crusty mess from the US!". How adorable and pretty much old school crust. Afterwards I was pretty tired. Saw BURN from a distance, wasn't disappointed but not impressed. Decided to take a break with Ms. Otter and Ms. Axiom BUT I needed to be back at the festival at 2300. And that's where the real fun began. I desperately wanted to see the glorious Sickmark. "All Go No Slow"-Stage - 2315 hours. Yeah, kinda. As I went to the stage, someone else started their set. The band was called ANF, but no one could remember their name. Everyone misspelled it. Also there were like a gazillion of electricity cuts, so I had a lot of fun. They were great. Even if I was pushed around a lot. Anyways, Sickmark arrived on the stage, kicked the shit out of us. I got hit in the chest, in the back, in my eye. It was hell. It was fucking awesome.


We decided that 4,40€ per person are NOT too expensive, so we went to the Dino Park in Pilsen and had an (almost)live Dino experience. Nostalgia hits hard.


Didn't get to see much on the last day. Pinky Swear almost lullabyed me to sleep and charmed with his cover of "Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely" of Hüsker Dü. Watched Racetraitor from a distance and liked it. Birds In Row were pretty good, have to examine the band more thouroughly. SECT were hot. So reflected about their own past. A bunch of older guys who liked to talked about the past but at the same time didn't glorify everything but admitted that some of their former attitudes just sucked. Very nice, very humble.

That was it. See ya next time, Flufferites and Flufferettes. :*

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