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Happenings of the Month: July'17 (Part 1 of 2)

Allrighty, folks! I decided to write this article in English, because well... this month I came out of my cave and visited two countries and spoke with people who can't speak German (very well).

Sunday, the 2nd of July 2017 - My fellow galpal Ms. Otter and I go to the Comic Con in Stuttgart

Jesus fuck. I kinda have a love-hate-relationship with those kind of events. I love it when I get the chance to buy a ton of stuff, see some cool celebrities whom I fanboyed on in my youth/childhood and to see some cosplayers. But I hate this tremendous amount of people who you to have shove beside to get through, it's exhausting.

Anyways, this Comic Con was pretty much well organised. Ms. Otter was able to get a photo with
John Borrowman without standing 24 hours in line. Everything went pretty well, compared to the Comic Con in Dortmund last year. I was enjoying some low-key shopping - comics, some action figures, butmostly comics. Also I got to listen to Dirk Benedict (of the A-Team and Battlestar Galactica) who lamented about how it is being a conservative in Hollywood. Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)was pretty cool and told us about her favorite superheroes and such. I enjoyed the screening of the first episode of Amazon's "The Tick": The coolest panel was Kevin Sorbo's. I've heard the coolest stories from the sets of "Hercules" and "Andromeda". That guy was the coolest for me when I was little - aaaand he was kinda of starting point for my love for ancient greece. I found it very amusing that he answered all this fan questions like "Uh do you remember this and that and this and that from episode 130 from Andromeda?" with "Holy shit, I don't know! I DO NOT FUCKING KNOW!" Awesome.

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Holy shit. It all began on the Saturday, the 15th of July.

From Dortmund to Krakow

I planned this trip some long time ago. I wanted to visit my Grandfather in the city of Koszalin, Poland. The last time I've seen was in 2001. That's why I contacted my father, got my ass on a plane and flew over to Krakow where he lives. On the first day, we kinda bonded pretty well and went drinking. Well he was drinking, and I just sat there thinking "holy fuck the old man talks a lot :D"

From Krakow to Koszalin: 16th of July

The only way to get there was via train. InterCity to be precise. 8,5 hours of sitting, kinda sleeping, watching episodes of "Shameless" and the awesome "Dobermann"-Movie with Vincent Cassel (I will review that one! I promise, dad!). Also my dad was preparing a huge power point presentation. Sorry, but I couldn't stop thinking of Charlie from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" who was explaining some weird conspiracy theories. They looked pretty similar to me ;)

It was a hell of a trip. I was pretty mindfucked at first but then pretty happy. I learned to know my half-brother, whom I have seen last time when he was 2-3 years old. He's 19 now. It was kind of strange at first but pretty cool all in all. Thanks for the awesome food. The feeling I had while standing in our the old apartment where I grew up was also very frightening at first but also very familiar afterwards. Sitting there in front of the house on the kids playground I spent so much time in when I was little. Huge mindfuck. Just like a time travel. Meeting grandpa was a blast. Still the same, old, funloving, caring and lovable peson as he was. Also I met my Grand-Aunt, her daughter and I learned to know my cousin. Again, pretty weird at first but very sympathetic.

On the second day I went to see my former elementary school. Armed with an iPhone and a GPS system, I found my way there, signed some stupid bench to leave my marks and left. With only 20% of battery. I deserve a medal for this!

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From Koszalin to Berlin: 19th of July

I didn't want to travel across Europe to get to the Fluff Fesival in Rokycany, Czech Republic. That's why I decided to make some stops.

Back in Berlin I met my friends who got some pretty stupid nicknames on this blog in the past (because everything was anonymous back then). Thanks for your spare time, guys. Love you all :3
On my second day I visited a lecture of one of my hosts. Something philsophically-philosophical about philosophy. I got it pretty much. But the next one about Plato from a feminist perspective was pretty weird and disillusioning. It was honestly pretty much fun hanging out with both of you Tina and Tikva :)

From Berlin to Würzburg: 21th of July

Why Würzburg? Because from there on Ms. Otter and Kiki (I call this from now on my sisters in crime) would pick up me and Ms. Axiom and fuck off to the Czech Republic. But after my arrival on Würzburgs central station I first met my long time friend Rob with whom I took of to meet André (the guy responsible for my comic packages) and his newborn daughter. It was heartwarming to see how the little one tries to grab the small Captain America plush toy I gifted her. :)

From Würzburg to Rokycany: 21th of July

To be continued in the next part...

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