Sonntag, 29. Oktober 2017

Happenings of the Month: October'17

Allrighty, folks. This will be a short one, since it's Sunday and all that.

I went to the "Spielemesse" in Essen on October 26st

The "Spiel" is a huge fair in one of the biggest German cities, Essen. Basically it's all about Games. Mostly board games like pen and paper. But that wasn't my interest, like never. Every year there was a comic segment within this fair, called the "Comic Action". There were a fuckton of comic book panels, some artists and a huge panel by PANINI (one of the largest european comic book distributors). And of course lots and lots of merchandise. Unfortunately, something was quite different. The amount of comic salepoints was very small. All in all I had some fun, because I met the good kind of people. Anyways, here's how I treated myself:

Derbe Lebowski + LFO + Ill! + Moral Bombing + Gaes in Black Pigeon, Dortmund on October 28th

Usually I'm pretty great in describing bands and musical styls. But today I have a huge headache and it's pretty useless do describe four power violence bands. I mean they are NOT all the same. Still it's a pain in the ass to describe all the differences. Whatever. Derbe Lebowski had to shorten their set because of the local policies. There is no noise allowed after 22h. That's why they banged their setlist
in ca. 12 minutes. And finished it, shortly before the cops arrived.

It was a very nice evening. Of course, because of the music too. But mostly because of a lot of talking I did with some nice people. That's what I need right now. Lot of talk and having fun. Thank you all and have a nice Sunday.

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