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Film of the Week#313: NIGHT OF THE LIVING SEQUELS! (Halloween Special 2017)

Allright, so this one's also gonna be short but good.
This year I decided to move on with some franchises and review some more sequels. To be honest, only one of them was really good. But who cares? I do not watch Horror movies to scare myself.

Child's Play 2 (1990)

Okay, so this one's a "classic" sequel, where the bad guy comes back to life. Somehow. And it's not that good, obviously.

It's been two years since Chucky's (Brad Dourif) killing spree. The company that produceds the
"Good Guy" dolls has suffered a massive commercial damage because of Andy's (Alex Vincent) accusations. Remember, he was the kid whom Chucky wanted to kill first and possess his body second. Anyhow, Alex lives in foster care and is being adopted since his mother's mental state is more than fucked up. The Play Pal Company rebuilds THE Chucky doll to prove that there is nothing wrong with it. Dammit, how could they find the doll after two years? But instead one of the workers is being electrocuted and the doll comes back to life. It's aim is once again, Andy. He wants to possess his body and get rid of his semi-human/semi-doll appearance.

Nice gorey gore elements. Fucking awesome kills. Dark and twisted humor here and there. But all in all a fucking lame ass story. There should have been a way better sequel.

4/10 deposit bottles

Critters 3 (1991)

If you have paid attention here, you should have realized that i already review "Critters" parts 1 and 2 last year and in 2015...

The third part doesn't take part in the village Grover's Bend. Instead we are witnessing one of the main characters (and intergalactic bounty hunters), Charlie MacFadden (Don Opper) who is tracking down the last critter eggs. At the same time a bunch of kids meet each other on a truck stop for the first time. One of them is the stepson of a corrupt landlord called Josh (Leonardo DiCaprio).
However their ties come together when it's shown that Annie (Aimee Brooks), her father Clifford and her brother Johnny (Christian/Joseph Cousins) live in a housing owned by Josh's stepfather. Also some critter eggs appear here and there and long story short: the residents of the house have to survive the critters' attacks and the lack of electricity.

Okay, it's a pretty dull story. But I appreciate the fact they were trying some new things out. Moving the critters out of their village into the city? What's next? Back into space, maybe? Who knows? Special effects as always on top. I also love the fact that Critters are the NSFW version of the Gremlins. They are just as nasty as they can. Ugly fuckers.

7/10 deposit bottles

The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989)

Finally I watched it.

The second part of the "Toxie"-Franchise takes places not a long time after the first part. Melvin aka the Toxic Avenger has defeated every criminal force in Tromaville. The town became a good place to live. Everyone is happy. He's still with his blind girlfriend Claire (Phoebe Legere) who likes to hang out in the "Centre for the blind". Somehow Toxie is getting depressed. He doesn't know what to do, since every evil has been destroyed. Still, the evil Apocalypse Inc. managed to blow up the "centre
for the blind" and manipulate Toxie's psychiatrist to talk him into visiting Japan so that he can meet his father for the first time. Meanwhile, in his absence they are taking over Tromaville.

Shit, I still think that Toxie looks like a deformed GG Allin. The story is pretty simple, but fun. Period. It's spiced up with very obscure and brutal elements. I don't where and when it became so funny to watch somebody die. The Toxic Avenger likes to be creative with his victims and he lives to punish evil. That means ripping someone's arms of or turning somebody into a basketball. Literally. Slightly better than the first movie, although nothing beats the original.

8/10 deposit bottles
Watch the movie here

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